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Perry Marshall the guest of  Escape the The Race Radio Episode 85 shares a checklist of the vital 1% of 80/20 Sales & Marketing.

In this free cheat sheet Perry shares the definitive guide to working less and making more. He listed almost 40 valuable ideas  on  how  to  achieve the 80/20 principle of sales  & marketing.

Rob Moore, UK’s #1 Disruptive Entrepreneur is Escape the Rat Race Radio  guest on its 27th episode. Rob understands that your current clients and customers will never be excited about paying more. But that’s not why raising prices is so difficult. Instead, perhaps poor planning is to blame? In this  e-book he taught how to increase your fees with ease, your income ,  your salary and  earn what you're really worth.

Ezra is a creative, personable down-to earth entrepreneur, who thrives on helping people to reach their business goals - most notably in the online world and especially eCommerce.


Escape the Rat Race Radio host Christian Rodwell  take the opportunity to discuss with him some marketing tips and guide during his interview on episode 77.

We recommend you download this guide in order to know  tips, tricks and pitfalls  to avoid when doing your Facebook  Ad.  You don't want to  commit the same mistakes and waste all efforts and money!

Paul Dunn guest of Escape the Rat Race Radio episode 25 & 26 shared this little e-book which is designed to do one main thing — to give you a new set of eyes.— a set of eyes that lets you see really tiny things — tiny things that cost nothing.


Tiny things that bring HUGE results. Before you rush off and spend thousands of dollars on new websites, on re-branding, on re-marketing, on Facebook ads, on SEO, on all sorts of ideas download this e-book first.

Grab this free copy of one of the bestselling books of  Roger Harrop, the CEO expert and the guest of Escape the Rat Race Radio episode 88.

Discover the ideas  and steps on  how you can  play the new game of business. How team members and how  technology  could play vital role to be exceptional. Don't missed this chance.

Lydia  Lee,  is a business creator and lifestyle strategist   is  our  guest in  Escape the Rat Race Radio  Episode 93,   shared  a guide on how to find your meaningful business idea using your natural  abilities.


Discover  "What's Next?" in the new  chapter of your life. Click the link below

How do you get your business right on track? Escape the Rat Race Radio  guest on episode 39 Scott Voelker  share  this guide that will  help you validate your brand to avoid future problems.


The Amazing Seller’ share everything he was learning about FBA whilst he was building his own online e- commerce business. This guide also allows your to create your brand  from  scratch. This guide is highly recommended for those who are starting their business  in Amazon.

When you are browsing  guides on starting  e- commerce business  you have probably come across  Michael Veazey.

Michael set up  his e-commerce business using  Amazon fulfillment .  In Escape the Rat Race Radio episode 41 he shared  top 10 steps  to build your own e-commerce business using Amazon which is the ultimate guide from interview of  power sellers and private connections in UK Power Sellers  ( with over £100k/month).  

How do you know you are ready to start the business?   Probably this  is one of the most common  question  for those who wants to get started in business. 

Karolina Adamczyk is one of our escapees guest  in  Escape the Rat Race Radio  episode 45. She shared her journey answering the same  question.  You sure would love this guide as  these course of actions  will help  you check key ideas  and quick indicators  before launching your business . You don't want to miss this checklist /guide . 

Sometimes it feels like you're stuck in the mud and hanging on  to slipper rocks. These are the words  from  the  career catalyst himself Steve Preston. Steve is one  of  the guest in Escape the Rat Rat Race Radio episode 46.


On this guide  Steve sum up  six steps  t navigate your way from employee to  business owner . These are key ideas and   back up with  statistics to help you  navigate a smooth transition from  employee to business owner. 

Bronwen Vearncombe, one of  Escape the Rat Race Radio's escapees guest on it's  35th episode.


Bronwen started her  property portfolio and  shares her experiences including struggles, ideas and lesson learn all through out the episode. She also listed top tips to get started in property investing.For those who wish to be on the same  niche we would recommend  you  download this  guide to get started in  property investing. 


Brian Mayne is the guest of Escape the Rat Race Radio on  episode 81.


With Brian's experienced in personal development  he was able to to use simple but powerful techniques and learn to hold positive thoughts by setting goals which he gradually transformed both himself and his life. Goal Mapping  works to develop the empowering mindsets, winning attitudes and effective habits that create success.

 Get this guide now and  turn your dreams into realities!

Imogen  Cook  one of the escapees  Christian Rodwell interviewed on Escape the Rat Race Radio episode 76.  

Imogen  shared a guide to  those Entrepreneurs who struggle to release ownership of the many sub-roles that exist in their business causing themselves serious danger of burn-out and failure. 

If this sounds like you, you should  download this guide of 100+ TASKS you could  delegate to your virtual  assistant to help you focused on  more important aspects of your business.

Don’t you find, it’s always harder when you have to
work on your own product, rather than helping others?

Liz Ellery is our guest escapees on Escape the Rat Race Radio episode 53. Liz  started her career in  ecommerce  business  and have found that by creating a checklist of what she  needed to do, it made everything a lot easier.

This checklist includes Branding, photography and website design to launch your website with ease and slightly less panic from wondering what the hell to do and when

How do you  establish yourself as a leader in your niche? 

Sometimes we just need SOMETHING to get us over that white paper fear when creating new blogs.Hannah Power our escapees  guest of  Escape the Rat Race Radio episode 72 put together top 100 ideas for getting your content brain flowing.

If you are one of those  beginning entrepreneurs  who is stuck on  what kind of niche you want to be a leader of these content ideas might be the key to unleash your true potential. 

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