Would you like to be your own boss, work from anywhere, and not have your income be dependent on the hours you put in?

Escape The Rat Race is a personal and professional development company based in London which teaches and supports highly-motivated professionals to successfully transition from employee to starting their own businesses.

The company was founded in 2014 by Christian Rodwell.

The term ‘Escape The Rat Race’ can mean different things to different people. Most commonly, people refer to the ‘Rat Race’ as the repetitive 9­-5 work lifestyle where you exchange time for money, living from pay cheque to pay cheque every month.

However, for others, escaping the rat race does not necessarily mean leaving your job, but simply creating a lifestyle that gives you more time freedom and enough money to be able to live on your own terms.

''Escape the Rat Race is a group of people who are actually changing their lives. I am not really one for networking groups, but the people at this Meetup are so welcoming and friendly, it didn’t matter that I was just starting out, they were so supportive.'' - Liesha Eggink

My name is Christian Rodwell and I'd like to welcome you to the Escape The Rat Race website.

I created Escape The Rat Race (#ETRR)  at the end of 2014, just 1 month before I quit my job. Up until then I had enjoyed a successful 16 year career within the Electronic Music Industry, working with some of the biggest names in dance music and being part of a team that achieved 7 UK Number 1 Hit Singles and 2 Number 1 Albums. However, the time had come for change …and a new challenge. I didn’t want to find another ‘job', and I was looking for more freedom and control over my future - rather than relying on somebody else.

What started at the beginning of 2015 as just an idea to meet other like-minded people who were learning different ways to generate additional income streams for themselves, quickly grew to a community over 1000 members within the first 12 months.


Since then I have dedicated myself to building the company and community to become a place of trust for anybody currently in employment who would like to learn how to start their own business with the support of others who have already successfully walked the same path. 

We have a network of trusted experts and professional mentors with experience across many different sectors for you to speak with and ask advice. I have organised in excess of 200 events and in 2016 launched a #1 ranked Podcast on iTunes UK featuring World Class Experts alongside recent #escapees which you can listen to for free and pick up new ideas to help you plan your next steps.


In December 2018 I released my debut book 'Sack Your Boss: The Ultimate Guide To Escape Your 9-5' which instantly became an Amazon Best Seller and shares my learnings for anybody wishing to escape their 9-5 and start a business that is best suited for you.

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Escape The Rat Race Radio

Our weekly podcast featuring interviews with world famous entrepreneurs, marketing experts, personal development coaches and members of the #ETRR community.

Feedback From Past Events...

This is an inspiring meetup group. Brilliant venue, Well organised, excellent well known speakers from around the world. Different concepts to create passive income streams with like minded people. Left the event wanting more and have recommended to several people already.

Toyin Bakare

#ETRR Meetup Event

It’s a great event. Great atmosphere. Everyone is so keen to learn and I really started realising the pitfalls I have been making with my own finances in the past and things to improve in future.

The organisers are there helping you every step of the way. All in all a great event.

Alex Yu

Cashflow 101 Game Night

I got a lot of value from the cashflow 101 event and really enjoyed the company of other members of the etrr community.

The event was fun and everyone was keen to share good ideas. Partnerships were springing up all over the place and people were seeing great results.

Tolu Falase

Cashflow 101 Game Night

Awesome set of people all with a common goal, really impressed with the content and superb and easy networking opportunity with the right people. A very good use of my time ! See you next month. Well done Christian!

Ian Luckett

#ETRR Meetup Event

I really enjoyed the Marketing workshop with Grace. It really gave a great overview of how to set your marketing strategy and customer journey and how to avoid common mistakes people make in marketing their business.

Spencer Bailey

#ETRR Business Workshop

This is a group of people who are actually changing their lives. I am not really one for networking groups, but the people at this meetup are so welcoming and friendly, it didn’t matter that I was just starting out, they were so supportive.

Liesha Eggink

#ETRR Meetup Event

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